Thursday, July 12, 2007

Great Northwest Tour 2007

This is the plan for my big annual trip, for the year 2007... leaving around the end of July.

(Click on the map if you'd like a larger view.)

Day 1 – Boise to Yakima, approx. 350 miles, stay with my friend Ben and his family.
Day 2 – Yakima, Chinook Pass, Mount Rainier flyby, Olympia, Hoquiam, approx. 215 miles, camp in Hoquiam.
Day 3 – Hoquiam, Lake Quinault, Washington Coastline, Hoh Rain Forest, Forks
Side trip to Neah Bay (what looks like the far northwest corner of the continental U.S.), approx. 240 miles, motel in Forks
Day 4 – Forks to Port Angeles, ferry across to Victoria (Vancouver Island), sightseeing in Victoria, north to Nanaimo, approx. 150 miles, camp in Nanaimo (3 nights)
Day 5 – Vancouver Island
Day 6 – Vancouver Island - Out and back - Nanaimo to Tofino (west coast of Island), approx. 107 miles each way, total 214 miles
Day 7 – ferry to Vancouver; sightseeing in Vancouver, north up 99 thru Whistler to Lilloeet, approx. 145 miles, motel
Day 8 – Lillooet to Penticton, approx. 255 miles, camp
Day 9 – Penticton to Rock Creek to Creston, approx. 330 miles, motel(?)
Day 10 – Creston to Metaline to Spokane to Lewiston, approx. 275 miles, camp
Day 11 – Lewiston to Boise (via Council), approx. 300 miles, sleep in my bed

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