Friday, July 27, 2007

Don't let this happen to you!

If Darwin was right, this may be an example of the Law of Natural Selection.

As reported in the Idaho Statesman:

A 22-year-old Meridian motorcyclist died from blunt force trauma after he collided with a car Thursday night on Star Road near Chinden Boulevard. Cody K. Anderson was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, according to Ada County Coroner report issued this morning.

Witnesses told Ada County Sheriff's deputies that Anderson was driving the motorcycle at speeds up to 100 mph southbound on Star Road just after 7:30 p.m. Thursday when he appeared to lose control and drive into a Subaru passenger car.

A woman driving the Subaru was either in a turn lane or about to make a U-turn, when the crash occurred, sheriff’s officials said.

Anderson was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, according to reports.

The accident is still under investigation, according to sheriff's reports.

What's to investigate? The woman in the other car may be partly responsible, but if you're going 100mph (on a road that's 50mph, tops), you're gunnin' for trouble. I s'pose Cody died doing what he loved, huh? (I'd rather live doing what I love. And what I love isn't hanging out there on the jagged edge.)


rachelle said...
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Bikeboy said...

Rachelle - I deleted your comment. If you'd like to repost, but without the profanity, I'd be honored to have your response here. (But I don't tolerate the profanity. It's just a matter of personal taste, I s'pose, but I'm king here, and make up the rules.)

Thanks for your consideration.

Spring said...

Cody had a passion for riding he had been riding since he was 8. He loved it. To say the least he has left a gap in our lifes. So to be honest its great you would LIVE doing what you love but until you walk a mile in our shoes, your opinion is Pointless. Why comment on something that happens everyday??? Why? TO hurt the loved ones and give your special thoughts? I hope that when God does take you... You'll be doing something you love. Only God can be so giving to take you without pain, riding high... with your passion

rachelle said...

spring is completely right in what she/he feels. I hope that when my day comes, i am doing something i am as passionate about as cody was to riding. We all loved cody and even though people may pass, ledgends live forever. I just think that when future feelings are posted, they stop to think about what they hope people around them say about them after they are gone. I love you cody.

Bikeboy said...

It's too bad that Cody is gone at such a young age. And it's obvious he's missed by those he left behind.

Sometimes when I'm off riding my motorsickle, I think to myself how selfish it would seem if I were to have a fatal accident and leave loved ones behind, particularly loved ones who depend on me for sustenance. (For that reason, although I expect to survive to a ripe old age, I carry a large life insurance policy that would hopefully keep 'em covered.)

Thank GOODNESS the person(s) in the other vehicle wasn't killed or maimed by Cody's irresponsible choice... can you imagine how THAT would make you feel? Nobody has a right to endanger the lives of others through irresponsible behavior in public places.

No intention to hurt anybody's feelings. I would hope my comments would give others a moment to stop and consider the potential consequences of their actions, on themselves and others.

I'm sorry for your loss.

rachelle said...

i realize that cody was at fault here, by traveling to fast. i also know that the woman driving the other car is just as much at fault for making a u-turn in the middle of the road. yes, i would feel awful if she and her passenger were killed. i do have a heart. I know that she is probably feeling awful for cody's death. nothing any of us say or do is going to change what happened that day, and I do know that cody would not want her to carry guilt with her. accidents happen, and this was a tragic accident. it's time to remember the good times and leave happy memories. for families and loved ones on both sides to come together and heal. not time for pointing blame and arguing. they were equally at fault, for a tragic accident.

Danni said...

It doesn't matter how fast he was going or if he was at fault. He was my daughter's father and will be missed greatly. It isn't the fact that he was at fault or the fact that it happened.....the point is that he is gone. He will be missed greatly and was very loved. He left behind a lot of family that loved him very much including the daughter we had together. She will be 2 soon and will never know the truly loving guy Cody could really be. So who cares what happened or how it happened. He should have been wearing a helmet and he shouldn't have been going so fast.....he had a lot of things he had done that he was running from but he will always and always was loved no matter what he did. "Rest In Peace Cody Anderson. You will always be loved!"