Friday, May 4, 2007

Motorcycle safety PSA

I was watching Leno last night and saw a VERY disturbing public service announcement. It must've just started running... at least in this area.

It's a nice, sunny day. A normal guy in his normal car (Ford Taurus, looked like), approaches an intersection. He stops at the stop sign, looks nonchalantly both ways, and then proceeds.

Suddenly... BAM!! An approaching motorcycle smashes right into the driver's side of the car, as seen from the general area of the front passenger seat.

It is VERY realistic. (Too realistic - I felt it!) I hope it was computer-generated. (What other explanation could there be?!!?) You see the car lurch... glass flying about... crumpling metal.

The message is Be Careful! Look twice! Motorcyclists are everywhere!

I like to think it might save the life of a motorcycle rider.

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