Thursday, April 19, 2007

Are you a POSER?

There's a lot of "psychological baggage" that accompanies the act of owning and riding a street motorcycle.

I've even written about it before.

I s'pose it's natural.

The reasons for riding a motorcycle are endlessly varied. It's NOT always "to get from Point A to Point B." Some people ride a motorcycle to "make a statement." Some ride to be seen riding. Some ride because "it's a way of life." Some ride for the camaraderie and social interaction. Some want to see how much of their motorcycle they can rub off in the twisty-turnies. Some just ride because it's enjoyable, relatively economical transportation.

When there are so many different reasons for riding, some people like the confidence in knowing their reason for riding is more valid than the other guy's reason. (And in many cases, they're also totally hung-up on knowing that the brand, and year, and selection of aftermarket accessories, etc., is somehow superior to the other guy's.) And that's when the accusations tend to fly.

"Poser." "RUB." (That's "rich urban biker.") Etc.

I try to avoid rushing to judgment on somebody else's selection of motorcycle, why he rides, etc. (Sure, mine are the best... but not everybody has to know that - hahaha.)

This may seem like treason... but I'll even occasionally wave at somebody who's riding a different brand of motorcycle!

JUST THE SAME... I've come up with what I feel is a reasonable "Poser Gauge." One question, that will determine whether that rider is the real-deal, or a shamless pretender.

QUESTION: Have you been on a motorcycle ride where you finished up the day someplace besides where you started?

(And I don't mean at your friend's place across town, or face-down in a gutter, or in jail... I mean DIFFERENT TOWN.)

If all of your trips have been to your favorite local waterin' hole, or to the motorcycle shop, or even a day-trip to some nearby destination, with a return trip later in the afternoon... you're not a "real" motorcyclist.

From there, it's just a matter of degree. Two nights on the road. Then two days headed AWAY from home, before you set sail on the return trip. Then riding every highway within 500 miles of your home base. Maybe the Iron-Butt challenge would appeal - 1000 miles in 24 hours. At some point, you need to get the missus to put money in the bank account, so you can just keep on goin'!! (Unless she likes to tag along, of course!)

(I don't know about "biker." That's a whole 'nother story. I think you have to have to wear your leather jacket JUST RIGHT... and take a solemn secret pledge to NEVER wave at a "non-biker"... and your motorcycle has to be from Milwaukee and more than 15 years old or something... it's secret stuff that I don't know about.)

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