Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grow a helmet in your garden!

In Nigeria, a new law recently went into effect, requiring motorcycle riders to wear a helmet.

Motorcycle riders are very upset. (Helmets there cost "up to $29," and they tend to get stolen.) Riders are protesting by wearing pumpkin-shell helmets.

(Passengers on the Nigerian motorcycle taxis don't like the pumpkin helmets... they believe they contain "mojo" that makes it easier for the driver to rob them. Evidently robbery is an ongoing part of life in Nigeria, huh?)

On the one hand... it's a very "green" product. Algore would much rather see garden-grown helmets than those nasty hydrocarbon factory-made ones.

But on the other hand... would it have to be approved by both the Department of Transportation and the Department of Agriculture?

Other random thoughts:
- Would you dare wear a "squash" instead of a pumpkin, to protect your pumpkin? (I'd hate to find out why they call it "squash"!)
- You could grow a shiny new helmet every year!

Story with more details HERE.